The Middle San Pedro: Benson Sub-area

[ From Near Fairbank to the beginnings of Constriction ]

Below: looking southeast toward the Mule Mountains from near Fairbank, Arizona: Cottonwood/Willow Gallery Forest of the Babocomari River drainage in the foreground, running from lower right to middle-left; San Pedro River forest in the farther distance, both rivers running from right to left. (July 2002) At this point the valley is relatively flat and broad (and this is also well south of the proposed By-pass Alternatives).

We do not try to assess the prospect of Interstate Bypass construction in this area. What we do attempt in these side-pages directly below is to give readers interested in this zone some idea of what factors may be relevant there. (These side-pages are "Works in Progress", to be expanded if others wish to add their concerns.)

Side-page: Middle San Pedro, Benson Sub-area North to City of Benson

Side-page: Lower reaches of Alternative D

Side-page: Lower reaches of Alternative K