Maps of the San Pedro River

Note that the 3 map divisions below reflect exigencies of visually dividing this long river valley for purposes of webpage presentation. The division between Upper and Lower San Pedro set forth below reflects an older way of describing significantly distinct portions of the watershed, but today's distinctions are different.

The strip map above focuses attention on the location of The Narrows of the San Pedro River -- where a hydrogeological separation of south from north crosses the river. To the West are uplands leading to Wildhorse Mountain in the Little Rincons; to the East are the Johnny Lyon Hills. Both of these uplands are composed of the same type of intrusive Proterozoic-age rocks. The Cascabel Road passes right by the Narrows at this point.

Click on the links below to see maps of particular parts of the river.

The Upper to Middle San Pedro River -- Mexico to The Narrows

The Middle to Lower San Pedro --The Narrows to Whitlock Wash

The Lower San Pedro -- Whitlock Wash to Gila River Confluence