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Full disclosure: we who are building this website all have interests in the San Pedro River Valley: economically, some of us own land there, and some of us hold grazing leases there. Some of us merely know and admire it. We have conceived this essay as a continuing work in progress, which will not end with the outcome of the I-10 Bypass issue. The website is connected with the Cascabel Working Group (see that link) and with friends of Saguaro Juniper Corporation as well, though those entities are not responsible for the contents of the pages displayed here. We do not pretend to be "objective" observers of this situation, but we will make the facts we present as objective as we can. We will not completely eliminate errors in this essay -- to modify Abe Lincoln's dictum, all humans make them much of the time -- but we will do our best to minimize them in this presentation. To offer suggestions, comments, or corrections to the webpage you may contact us at The designated primary author of the website (and the person currently paying for its internet operation) is Richard N. Henderson.